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Established in 2008, the French Department initiated its first undergraduate degree program in the autumn of 2009. From 2009 onwards, approximately 20 students were enrolled every year. Currently, we have 80 undergraduate students of French Major.

The French Department has an excellent faculty which is composed of seven teachers, who specialize in linguistics, literature, translation studies, foreign language teaching method and international economy and trade, as well as two foreign teachers from France and other French-speaking countries. They are responsible for the teaching of French Majors as well as the undergraduates and postgraduates in the university who learn French as a second foreign language.

The department has a wonderful audio-visual room with books and reference materials in Yuzhong Campus and all the classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching facilities. So far, the department has maintained close cooperation with Université de Paris 7 Denis Diderot, Université de la Rochelle, and University of Ottawa. Every year, five excellent undergraduates can be sent on exchange programs to these universities.

The department aims to help students develop French proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, the students are expected to acquire specialized knowledge in French linguistics, literature and culture. The department offers courses including French Intensive Reading, Advanced French, French Grammar, French Listening, Oral French, French Extensive Reading, French-Chinese and Chinese-French Translation, French Linguistics, An Overview of France, Selected Reading in French Literature, A History of French Literature, An Introduction of French-speaking Countries, Appreciating French Films, French Writing, Business French, and Tourism French.

The department also provides activities and guidance for students to present French culture in diverse forms such as French songs, French plays, and speeches and debates in French. Undergraduate students are supposed to apply for schools in French-speaking countries to pursue master’s degree, finding employment in government offices, research institutions, universities and enterprises.


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