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As a secondary discipline affiliated to foreign language and literature, the Russian major in our department is a multi-disciplinary major that integrates linguistics, literature, culture and sociology, and other applied disciplines in teaching and research. The teachers and researchers include three professors, three associate professors and seven lectures and assistants. Most of them have obtained doctoral degrees of Arts. Besides, two or more Russian teachers are regularly employed to teach Russian majors.


The Russian major aims to provide students with not only proficiency in linguistic skills of Russian, high quality in humanity and social science, good command of professional knowledges in Russian language and literature, but also with applied skills in a wide range of fields including translation and interpretation, diplomatic affairs, foreign trade, Russian teaching and education, business management and academic research.

Years of Study and Credits

Usually we provide a 4-year program for students applying for a bachelor’s degree in Russian language and literature. We also exercise a flexible length of shooling in which students are allowed to achieve their study intermittently. Butstudents’ stay in the university should not exceed 8 years.

160 credits are needed in order for a bachelor’s degree.

Main Courses

Russian Intensive Reading, Russian Grammar, Russian Extensive Reading, Russian Writing, Advanced Russian, Translation and Interpretation

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