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This program makes efforts to train students of Japanese major with overall skills of using Japanese and solid foundation of Japanese language and culture. They are expected to become competent talents qualified for Japanese-related jobs. After graduation, they are expected to be equipped with rich storage of professional knowledge. Also, they should acquire the ability of using Japanese language in a certain degree. They should be able to understand Japanese culture and Japan’s society. There are several basic requirements for Japanese majors to make sure they are qualified for graduation. The requirements are as follows:

(1) The ability of understanding Japanese and expressing themselves in Japanese

(2) An understanding of Japanese language and culture.

(3) The ability to skillfully using Japanese to make intercultural communication.

(4) Comprehensive understanding of Sino-Japan relations.


Years of Study and Credits

    Generally, the length of schooling for each Japanese major is four years. Since the flexible educational system is adopted in Lanzhou University, Japanese majors are also allowed to complete their studies in different phases. Besides, all Japanese majors are required to obtain at least 150 credits for the courses before graduation.


Main Courses

Basic Japanese, Japanese Visual-Audio-Oral Course, Japanese Extensive Reading, Japanese Translation, Japanese Interpretation


Spatial Program

History of Japanese Philosophy, Theory of Sino-Japan Relations


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