Institute of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

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Founded in 1999, our institute has now enrolled 69 researchers teaching foreign languages in all departments of school of foreign languages and literatures. Our staff includes 2 professors, 25 associate professors, 27 lectures and 15 assistant researchers, of whom 3 have obtained doctoral degrees and 5 are doctoral candidates and nearly a quarter have the experience of studying and visiting in foreign countries. Our staff is a young one with 80 percent of the researchers are in the age of 30s’ or 20s’. The key research areas of our staff include applied linguistics, translation studies, college English teaching, and English for specific purpose. Ours is also a productive research community.

We have completed two research projects that were designated and funded by the National Education Minister for the reform of college English teaching and more than twenty other academic projects with the fund amounted to over one million RMB. We also have published over 300 articles, 50 monographs, textbooks and translation works. We are committed to teach and supervise over 60 graduate students majoring in foreign linguistics and applied linguistics every year. In addition, our institution provides a MA program for applicants to study in their part time. We also teach English, Japanese, French and Germany to undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students of non foreign linguistics majors.

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Add: School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Lanzhou University,
South Tianshui Road, 222, Lanzhou, Gansu, P. R. China, 730000
Tel: 0931-8912270
E-mail: yangchun@lzu.edu.cn
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