Prof. Wang Renqiang from Sichuan International Studies Invited to
First Academic Symposium in 2018

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Lecturer: Professor Wang Renqiang

Topic: Research on relationships between verbs and constructions based

on corpus

Time: 19:00pm April 12, 2018

Location: Conference hall in the first floor at Mingdao Building in

medical school campus

      Welcome all of you to come!
Introduction to content:
      The relationship between verbs and constructions has been a hot issue in constructional grammar, in the classic sentence “Pat sneezed the napkin off the table” Goldberg (1995), whether “sneeze” is a transitive verb in contemporary English vocabulary or not is still controversial. The relationship between verbs and constructions is being studied based on the linguistic view of complex adaptive systems and have five large diachronic/synchronic English corpuses as its data base. It takes the convention of sneeze and transitive verb usage in contemporary English as example. Studies have shown that the thesaurus and syntax constitute a continuum, but the difference between those two can’t be ignored; there is an interactive relationship between the verb and the construction, and the properties of the verb itself will change due to repetition in the construction. The study finds that the reasons why predecessors’ research results are biased is due to the fact that the bottom-up corpus research method was not used, which makes it difficult to distinguish the word classes in the lexicon at the linguistic level from the syntactic ones in the speech level. Another reason is logic errors.
Lecturer Profile:
        Wang Renqiang, Ph.D., professor, president of Graduate School of Sichuan International Studies University, director of the Office of the Discipline, director of the Institute of Lexicology, Ph.D. supervisor of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. National Social Science Fund Project Evaluation experts, candidate of Chongqing Municipality’s First Talent Support Program for Colleges and Universities, Chongqing Municipality's First Experts Expertise in the Storage of Social Sciences experts, vice chairman of Chongqing Foreign Literature Association, standing director of China LexBilingual Committee and Chinese Foreign Language Interface Research Institute, member of European Language Institute and International Language Type Association, permanent member of the International Chinese Language Association, member of the Senior Title Evaluation Committee of the Foreign Language Department of the Chongqing Higher Education Institution, member of the Judicial Committee of the Chongqing Translation Senior Professional Title Evaluation, editor of Foreign Language, English Studies, and the central government supports the person in charge of local universities' special research platforms, director of “Bilingual Learning Dictionary Base” supported by Central Government, China. He presided over 2 national social science fund projects, 6 provincial and ministerial teaching and research projects. He published 8 books, published more than 30 papers in key journals such as Foreign Language Teaching and Research, and he won provincial social sciences outstanding achievement award twice. Teacher of quality course “Corpus Linguistics” and “Comparative Linguistics”. He has visited the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom and the University of New Mexico in the United States. He has been invited to participate in more than 50 international and domestic academic conferences held in the United States, Germany, France, Singapore, Greece, and Hungary and gave speech on multiple occasions.
School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, LZU
April 11, 2018

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