Professor Fan Linzhou Shared His Research with His Fellow Peers at a Forum

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        The Second Forum on Linguistic Memetics has successfully sponsored and held by China Pragmatics Association(CPrA)in Zhaoqing College on 23-25, November 2018. Professor Fan Linzhou with School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Lanzhou University, shared his latest research at the Forum.
        He Ziran, Mo Aiping, Chen Xinren, Jiang Xiaohong and other fellows of CPrA attended the forum.
Some professors on pragmatics spoke at the forum, sharing and discussing their latest research on linguistic memetics. Professor Fan Linzhou reports his latest study on the metaphor evolution on the basis of biological philosophy, what he presents impressed the follow peers.
        Professor Fan holds that metaphors are genotypic schemes and cultural replicators, their generation is biological, replicators function as information storage and instruction reading. Metaphor generators are interactors, metaphors are generated to be phenotypic memeplexes by means of imagination and reasoning via interactors’ self-consciousness and analogy, therefore, messages are transferred, causality, similarity and adaptation are effectuated in the metaphor generating process, so it is concluded that metaphors are memes, and metaphor generation is memetic. Interactors imitate each other by social leaning, imitation is based on the schematic knowledge in the minds of the interactors, and the schematic knowledge shows that metaphorical memes are the structural notions of mind. The generating proofs have resulted from the observations and examinations of the minds of chimpanzees and human beings in that information process is the basic performance of neurons. Imitation results in effective behavioral coordination in group members, and the cultural institutions underlie imitation.
Memetics was first championed by Richard Dawkins, professor with Oxford University. The theory came to be popular in cultural evolution studies over time. Professor He Ziran, took the lead to study pragmatics with the thesis in China.  
        Professor Fan Linzhou began to study memetics in 2005; he has made a systematic study on the theory, which resulted in 16 papers in CSSCI journals.

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