The Delegation of the SFLL Visits Australian Universities for Exchanges and Talents Recruitment

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      In order to enhance the level of internationalization and strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, Professor Shi Yanling, Vice dean of the School, and Associate Professor Ding Xuhui, Assistant dean, visited Western Sydney University and Macquarie University as a delegation and recruited talents in these universities on invitation from July 29th to August 2nd.


      At Western Sydney University, the delegation held a symposium with Vice President Professor Yi-Chen Lan and other professors and doctors. Professor Yi-Chen Lan introduced the history and current situation of Western Sydney University. Professor Shi Yanling introduced the history and subject development of Lanzhou University and our School. The two parties exchanged the progress of the joint training project and reached a basic consensus on teacher exchange programs, scientific research cooperation and “2+2” joint program on training undergraduate. After the symposium, the delegation visited Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, during which Professor Wang Labao, the dean of the Institute, introduced the cultural exchanges and research between China and Australia.


      During the visit in Macquarie University, the delegation held a symposium with Professor Gary Falloon, Associate Dean of School of Humanities and other professors and doctors. The delegation introduced the general information of our university and the School, and had a detailed discussion with the other party on the establishment of undergraduate 3+1 and postgraduate 1+1 programs, reaching a consensus on how to promote relevant cooperation. The delegation also visited the Eye Movement Laboratory and Australia's first large-scale conference interpretation training classroom. They observed the interpreting course and communicated instructively with the interpreting teachers.


      In Sydney, the delegation visited the first batch of postgraduate students, Ms. Gong Yuanyuan and Lin Ying, who participate in the cooperation project with Western Sydney University, and learned about their life and learning. The two students were satisfied with the new learning environment and teaching model. Through Australian Alumni Association, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and the websites of the two universities, the delegation issued a talent recruitment notice and have detailed discussions with those who applied for our School on the working contents and salary of being English language teachers. This is conductive to building trust relationship for later recruitment. The delegation also communicated with alumni Han Jing and Sydney Consulate General Li Qingrui, who expressed their willingness to do their best for the development of our School.


      The two visited universities have strong strengths in the field of linguistics. Western Sydney University enjoys a high reputation on master translation courses accredited by the Australian National Translation Professional Accreditation Institute. Macquarie University is also well-known for its tremendous strength in the field of linguistics which ranks 36th in the 2019 QS World University Rankings and is recognized as one of the best linguist universities in the world. The discipline development and student exchanges of our School will be promoted through communication and cooperation with the two universities.


                                                                                                    Translated and edited by Chen Qiwen

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