SFLL Holds 2019 Undergraduate Opening Ceremony

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      On the morning of September 4th, 2019, the School of Foreign Language and Literatures 2019 Undergraduate Opening Ceremony was held at room C201 with the attendance of our School’s leaders, faculty directors, head teachers of the 2019 undergraduates, teachers, parent representatives and 2019 undergraduates in Tianshan Hall, Yuzhong campus.  


      Professor Ding Shuqin, Vice dean of the School, warmly welcomed and congratulated the arrival of 2019 undergraduates. Professor Ding introduced SFLL to the new students from the aspects of the School’s history, organizational structure, faculty, talent training plan, activities, teaching condition, cooperation and exchange programs, and alumni work. She hopes that they can find friendship, enjoy fulfilling lives and learn to think in the campus, and eventually become knowledgeable and well-rounded.


      Si Junqin, the representative of teachers, hopes that they possess both patriotism and international views, study industriously with the spirits of diligence and truth-seeking, and grow in hardship. After that, Huang Jiahao, the student representative, and Bai Ge, the new student representative, made their speech respectively.


      At last, Professor Lu Xiaobing, Party Secretary of the School, introduced Lanzhou University and the School of Foreign Language and Literatures starting from “how to know Lanzhou University” and “how to be a part of Lanzhou University”. Lanzhou University has a long history and profound academic background, and Professor Lu expects students of Lanzhou University would inherit the spirit of “Constantly Improving, Blazing Our Own Path”. Also, he encourages the students to “pull a cart with the head lowering” – to study professional knowledge and promote comprehensive qualities; to “look ahead the road with the head raising” – to establish life goals and plans; and to “look up at the starry sky” – We should correctly position our own role and integrate individual struggle into the national rejuvenation and the construction of a strong socialist modernization country.


      After the ceremony, Professor Shi Yanling, vice dean of the School, and Wang Jinshan, deputy Party Secretary of the School, presented reports on teaching management rules and regulations for graduate student, and personal safety education respectively. 


      From September 2nd to 3rd, the School’s leaders, the teachers of the Student Affairs Department, heads teachers of the new students and volunteers did their duties earnestly and smoothly at the welcoming sites and dormitory and successfully completed the work of undergraduate registration.


                                                                                                    Translated and edited by Chen Qiwen

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