SFLL Alumni, Teachers and Students Attend LZU 110th Anniversary

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      During the110th anniversary of Lanzhou University(LZU), more than 70 domestic and foreign alumni of School of Foreign Languages and Literatures(SFLL) came back to participate in the celebration.

      Our school’s teachers and alumni have been award-winning in the grand celebration. Professor Zhang Zhixiang was awarded Perseverance and Struggle by LZU while another three professors were awarded the same prize by our school. Qin Wen was awarded Most Impartial Person of 2019. Wanqiao Limited Company of Information and Technology, whose representatives were Qin Lixia and Lu Dazhong, won the title of Public Welfare Institution of 2019. Cui Xuefu received Potential Alumni Organization on behalf of our school’s alumni association. Liu Caiyun on behalf of Qingdao Alumni Association received Pioneering and Innovative Organization.

      On the morning of September 17th, accompanied by the leaders and volunteers of our school, alumni attended the 110th anniversary of LZU, as well as the launching ceremony of the project that Gansu Province, Lanzhou, LZU collectively build a world-class university. They said that the participants’ speeches were so enlightening as to conjure up their spirit of Ceaseless Self-improvement, Perseverance and Struggle

      In the afternoon, our school held a homecoming that was presided over by Hua Rui in the eastern district of LZU’s Chengguan Campus. The attendees included the party secretary Lu Xiaobing, the vice deans, retired leaders, representatives of teachers and students and over 40 alumni. Lu Xiaobing firstly expressed welcome to alumni and hoped that alumni would feel at home here and return home frequently while referring to how our university and school was improved recently. Apart from recalling their colorful life at school, alumni expressed their best wishes for the alma mater and offered suggestions on the school’s development. Many alumni gave advice on curriculum teaching, student training and alumni association’s work considering their own experience in teaching, politics, business and other careers. Zhao Shenglan pointed out, “Talents should be trained under high standards and strict requirements. Translation requires both proficiency in the language itself and a wide range of knowledge. Particular attention should be paid to the vocabularies with Chinese characteristics when people translate.” “I have just retired from overseas work and I am willing to dedicate myself to the school.” said Yang Youlin. Xi Wenhua added, “As a resource and a platform, alumni should be developed and employed more deeply.” Sheng Lizhong said, “Students will eventually go to work so the school should offer them more training opportunities to improve their capacity of utilizing professional knowledge and skills to solve problems in real life. In this case, they will soon meet the corresponding requirements after entering the workplace.” Alumnus’ pertinent advice and sincere words reflect their willingness to repay the alma mater.

      In the evening, alumni, as well as the leaders, volunteer teachers and students of our school, headed for the Yuzhong Campus to watch the evening celebration for the 110th anniversary of LZU.

      To welcome the celebration, our school aroused teachers and students to actively participate in it. A total of 30 teachers and students served as liaisons and volunteers for university-level activities while 60 teachers and students for school-level activities. The warm and considerate reception from our school made the alumni feel so warm just like at home that they all expressed their thanks and wishes in the Wechat group. In addition, the school’s teachers and students paid tribute to the anniversary in various forms. For instance, the party branch of Russian, Japanese, German and French teachers organized a photography exhibition, LZU in My Eyes, to show the beautiful campus with mobile phones.

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