SFLL Reaches New Heights in the Sports Meeting

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      “While people got sentimental about bleak autumn since ancient times, I deem autumn superior to spring.” Lanzhou university celebrated its 110th birthday in September. Heated celebrations are still going on. On September 21, the 15th Faculty and the 8th Postgraduate Sports Meeting was fervently held in the stadium. The union of our school organized more than 60 staff members to participate in it.

      During the meeting, every faculty member and graduate student of our school strived to show their personal demeanor and our school’s spirit. Enveloped in heated, tense and exciting atmosphere, the whole games were flooded with loud and ceaseless cheers and shouts. The faculty have provided countless visual feasts for the audience. While taking good charge of logistic work, our school’s union and Service Station offered the staff and postgraduates various considerate service and recorded every wonderful moment of the athletes.

      After fierce competition, our school has achieved remarkable success in the sports meeting. Apart from good places in several events, our school has occupied the third place in 2 sports events and the second place in 9 events. Our school reached new heights and occupied the 9th place among all the campus groups by a total score of 70.5 due to our school’s elaborate organization and athletes’ indomitable struggle, which showed our school’s united and enterprising spirit and forged a new page for our school.

      The sports meeting showed the faculty’s teamwork and initiative. In the sports meeting, they released the pressure from life and work and became refreshed. In a cheerful as well as competitive atmosphere, their body has been exercised while their mood has been relaxed.

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