Qi Zhaoyuan and His Delegation of XISU Visit the SFLL for Exchange

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On March 31st , 2019, Director Qi Zhaoyuan and Dr. Zhu Weijia of the Research Center for French-Speaking Countries and Regions of Xi’an International Studies University came to the School of Foreign Languages and Literature for a two-day exchange and discussion.

On the afternoon of December 31st, Director Qi Zhaoyuan and Dr. Zhu Weijia gathered with the French faculty of the SFLL of Lanzhou University to exchange in-depth views on the current situation of the French major of Lanzhou University and Xi’an International Studies University. The delegation and faculty exchanged ideas especially on the French syllabus, the teachers of French major, the enrollment of French major and the exchange of French major students at home and abroad of the two schools respectively, and summarized the current opportunities and challenges of French majors in the two universities so as to learn from each other’s strengths and make up for their weaknesses. The delegation sincerely invited our teachers to participate in the first academic seminar on French-speaking countries and regions to be held in November this year in XISU.

Director Qi Zhaoyuan had a friendly meeting with Shi Yanling, Associate Dean of the SFLL of Lanzhou University to further discuss the deepening of interuniversity cooperation of French majors in XISU and LZU. In view of the current situation of French majors in Northwest China, it was proposed in the talks to first strengthen the in-depth cooperation between French majors in XISU and LZU, and to establish a French academic community in Northwest China when the opportunity is ripe in the future, and to strengthen contacts by organizing regional French academic activities, establishing university level exchanges, and jointly training postgraduates. It was also put forward in the talks to unite XISU and LZU, the two time-honored universities, to flourish the specialty of French in Northwest China.


Translated and edited by Wang Zhiping

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