Dr. Michael Webster Gives an Academic Lecture at the SFLL

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At the invitation of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Dr. Michael Webster from School of Education and Social Work, Auckland University, New Zealand, was invited to give an academic lecture entitled "Aotearoa New Zealand: The History of a Social Laboratory" in the lecture hall of the SFLL on the afternoon of May 13th. The lecture was presided over by Associate Professor Ding Xuhui and attended by faculty and graduate students.

Dr. Webster described the history and development status of Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the four historical periods of New Zealand's development, and how New Zealand's history shaped the national culture, including national culture and social culture. He then talked about the importance of cultural development in leading social work and practice. He stressed that it was New Zealand's outstanding leadership, social work and attention to the interests of all ethnic groups that formed the core concepts of small "power distance", mutual trust and harmonious coexistence in New Zealand culture.

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Webster also answered the questions put forward by the teachers and students in detail and had in-depth exchanges and interactions with them, which further promoted the audience's understanding of the relationship between New Zealand's history and social work and culture.


Translated and edited by Wang Zhiping

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