Dr. Matthew Overstreet Gives an Academic Lecture at the SFLL

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At the invitation of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Dr. Matthew Overstreet, Assistant Professor of the Russian New Economic School, came to our school on the afternoon of May 31st for an academic exchange and gave an academic lecture entitled "Writing & Critical Thinking". Teachers and students of our school attended the lecture.

In the lecture, Dr. Matthew Overstreet firstly introduced some historical definitions of critical thinking, and then discussed how to use writing to promote critical thinking through several questions: what is reflection? How to reflect the critical thinking in class? and How should teachers guide students in class? He held an opinion that in writing class, teachers can talk with students, encourage students to put forward ideas by asking questions, and then elaborate these ideas to achieve critical thinking. He also analyzed students' writing samples with teachers and students to show the value of critical thinking. Finally, Dr. Matthew Overstreet interacted with all the participants. The teachers and students expressed their opinions and participated in the interaction in an active atmosphere.

Through this lecture, teachers and students have a deeper understanding of critical thinking and further realize the importance of cultivating critical thinking.


                                                                                                                                        Translated and edited by Wang Zhiping

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