Dr. Matthew Overstreet Conducts a Workshop at the SFLL

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At the invitation of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Matthew Overstreet, Assistant Professor of the Russian New Economic School and Ph.D. in rhetoric and writing of the University of Pittsburgh, had an exchange with our teachers and conducted a workshop from June 3rd to 6th, 2019.

In this workshop, Dr. Overstreet firstly introduced to teachers how to design an efficient power point class presentation and provided skills and strategies for enhancing students' attention through courseware and demonstrated how to avoid some common mistakes in designing PowerPoint courseware. Secondly, Dr. Overstreet introduced to teachers how to use multimedia tools and multimodal teaching activity designs in EFL classroom, because more and more researches show that multimedia and multimodal language activities and exercises can improve the efficiency of language teaching. Finally, Dr. Overstreet introduced a software called Audacity to teachers, and suggested that teachers recommend students to use Podcasts to promote the interaction and innovation of language teaching, so as to improve students' comprehensive ability of using the language they have learned.

Through this lecture, teachers have a deeper understanding of multimedia interaction and multimodality. Dr. Overstreet's in-depth and patient guidance has helped our teachers to increase their understanding of multimedia skills and software applications. In addition, teachers have further explored the charm of multimedia as a teaching media through hands-on practices.


                                                                                                                                        Translated and edited by Wang Zhiping

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