Professor Kinnison Gives Academic Lectures at the SFLL

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At the invitation of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Professor Qing Li Kinnison from Wofford College came to our school for an academic exchange on the afternoon of June 20th, and gave two academic lectures on the topic of “Face” research and “the Difference Between Chinese and Western Etiquette”.


In the first lecture, Professor Kinnison firstly mentioned the importance of “Face” research, the current research situation in this field, and made a brief introduction to the main ideas on this topic brought up by Chinese and foreign famous experts. After that, she, combining with the specific theory and slang analysis, made a more detailed exposition of its development in China—— the origin of “Face” in China, specific classification and their similarities and differences. The second lecture introduced the cultural differences behind the different etiquettes between China and the west, some theoretical knowledge, the different definition methods of the relationship between China and the west, and finally came to a conclusion by a concrete analysis of videos clips. After the lecture, our teachers and students had a heated exchange and interaction with Professor kinnison on the pragmatic issues of “Face” and “Etiquette”.


Translated and edited by Wang Zhiping


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