SFLL Holds the Young Teachers’ Teaching Contest 2019

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      In order to test and improve the basic teaching skills of young teachers in SFLL and to promote the teaching quality, the Young Teacher Teaching Contest 2019 of the School of Foreign Language and Literatures was held in Room 301 of Mingdao Building on October 31st,2019. Party secretary Lu Xiaobin, members of the Commission of Teaching Instruction and teacher representatives from various departments observed the contest.

      The seven participants were selected by Departments of English, Russian, Japanese, German and French and Public Foreign Language Teaching Centers through the preliminary contest. The judges included members of the Commission of Teaching Instruction and teacher representatives from various departments. The content includes two parts: teaching design and classroom teaching. The participants have to prepare two credit hours of instructional design (20% of the total score) and a Power Point slide corresponding to the teaching sections (80% of the total score).

      In this contest, each young teacher carefully designed their own class. With skillful new media technology and humorous style, their teachings were profound but easy to understand. The judges scored according to teaching design and classroom demonstration. In the end, Liu Hong and He Jin won the first prize., Liang Yan and Ma Jingjing the second prize, and Xu Yang, Li Chenxi and Zou Yuntao the third prize.

      The successful holding of this teaching contest helps SFLL to build a high-level teaching team with solid basic skills and exquisite ability, and as a result the education and teaching work of our school will surely enter a new stage.

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