Women's Volleyball Team from SFLL Crowns at the First Air Volleyball Game of Lanzhou University

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       On November 2nd, the First Air Volleyball Game of Lanzhou University was held in the West District Gymnasium of Chengguan Campus. The two-day competition involves 15 women's volleyball teams and 18 men's volleyball teams.

       In preparation for this competition, the union of SFLL actively organized training to consolidate basic skills and strive to do their best in the game. The team members of SFLL, with the spirit of Chinese Women Volleyball Teams in minds, fought their way through with unity struggle. The women's team is so invincible that enter quarter-finals as group winner, and so has the men’s team, winning the second place in the group game.

       In the semi-finals, women’s team won the game with a big score. In the finals, the women's volleyball team encountered the team from School of Basic Medical Sciences. The ladies performed their skills perfectly and cooperated tacitly and every unbelievable smash excited the audience. For the two teams are evenly matched, the scores rose alternately, but in the end, the team from SFLL performed better. We won game with a score of 2:0 and got the first prize of the volleyball championship eventually. The men's volleyball team also won the sixth place.

       In this competition, all our volleyball players tried their best, fully reflecting the excellent sports level and the spirit of the faculty and staff of SFLL.

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