SFLL Hits Big in the LZU Online Culture Festival

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      On October 31, Lanzhou University (LZU) announced the winners of the 4th LZU online culture festival, and 5 categories and 9 works by SFLL (School of Foreign Languages and Literatures) were on the list.

      In this competition, 9 works of our school were awarded, among which 2 works  won the first prize. According to the notice, a total of 6 works of our college will participate in the national online culture competition on behalf of LZU.

      In recent years, apart from ceaselessly strengthening online education and increasing the supply of excellent network culture, SFLL has encouraged and guided young students to actively engage in the creation and production of cyber cultural works. At present, SFLL’s WeChat official accounts have been greatly improved and numerous distinctively original columns have been created. Next, SFLL will continuously strengthen online education and guide students to produce a series of online cultural products that are high-quality, thoughtful and responsible so as to be an excellent teller of Chinese stories.

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