The First English Contest Final of IPD Successfully Held in LZU

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      On the evening of November 7, the first Lanzhou University (LZU) English contest final of ideological and political discourse (IPD) was held in room B604, Tianshan Hall. The contest was sponsored and organized by SFLL (School of Foreign Languages and Literatures). Lu Xiaobing, Secretary of the SFLL Party Committee, attended the contest and presented prizes to the winners.

      A total of 20 LZU contestants were qualified for the final. SFLL teachers served as the judges. The contest was mainly about the translation of IPD, including three rounds. In the first and second rounds, contestants should answer questions on the spot while in the last round four candidates would be tested in the form of quick response questions, thus selecting winners of the grand, first, second, and third prizes.

      As the key project of Innovative Programs by LZU Party Branch in 2019, the contest was a beneficial exploration for relevant SFLL departments to give full play to their professional advantages and create new content and form. It combined ideological and political education with English learning so as to offer students guidance on the improvement of their translation ability in this respect and to stimulate their enthusiasm in English learning. Therefore, their knowledge would be broadened and their healthy growth would be effectively promoted.

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