The 188th Lecture of Tsuiying Forum by Professor Wang Ning

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      On the evening of November 7, the 188th lecture of Tsuiying Forum was held in the classroom C302, Tianshan Hall, the Yuzhong Campus of Lanzhou University (LZU). The lecture entitled The Role and Function of Humanities in the Era of Globalization was delivered by Wang Ning, senior professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, foreign member of Academia Europaea and academician of the Academy of Latinity. More than 300 teachers and students attended the lecture.

      Professor Wang explored his topic from four aspects. Firstly, he introduced his theme in the background of globalization and then discussed the phenomenon that Chinese humanists are internationally dumb. Taking the French philosopher Derrida as an example, he explained the connotation of humanistic spirit and humanities and the role of humanities in the era of globalization, then proposed globalized theory building, and meanwhile analyzed the reaction of contemporary humanists to academically frontier topics. Finally, he compared the contributions of global humanities with those of Chinese scholars. Additionally, he also put forward suggestions on the discourse power of Chinese humanists in the international field of basic theory research and answered the questions raised by the students in detail.

      Professor Ding Shuqin, Vice Dean of SFLL (School of Foreign Languages and Literatures), presented him a commemorative plaque of Tsuiying Forum.

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