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Founded in the autumn of 1946, Department of Russian is one of the oldest faculties in Lanzhou University. In 1952, the Department of Russian was incorporated into Northwest Russian College. Our department began to enroll undergraduate students in 1978 and was approved to grant master’s degree in Russian Language and Literature in 2002. We have a staff that includes 12 teachers and researchers, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors and most of them have obtained doctoral degrees. Besides, 2 or 3 teachers from Russia are regularly employed to teach Chinese students Russian.


Russian Department currently has 150 undergraduate students and 20 graduate students. The courses provided for undergraduates include Russian Intensive Reading, Russian Extensive Reading, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Russian Literature, Russian History, General Introduction to Russian Speaking Countries, Translation. Courses for graduates include Lexicology, Russian Rhetoric, Social Linguistics, Russian Literature, Translation Theory and Practice, Social State of Russian Speaking Countries, Russian Culture, Sino-Russia Relationship.


As our department has been fully-fledged in Russian language and literature teaching and research, we have also attached special watch to national and cultural knowledges of Russia. This is fully reflected in our teaching and research syllabus in which students are not only required to own proficiency in language skills of Russian, but also to own an integrative and comprehensive command of linguistic and cultural knowledges of it. Setting off from a mono-disciplinary educational structure, we are now seeking for a multi-disciplinary sailing to a more prestigious Russian education institute playing as a base and cradle for fostering high-quality international talents.

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